Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Program?
The Dicker Data Veritas B.E. BOLD program is designed for Dicker Data partners to reward the individual partner representatives on growing their Veritas business.


What are the dates of the Veritas B.E. BOLD program?

The Dicker Data Veritas B.E. BOLD incentive program is valid from 1 August 2019 to 30 June 2022.


What are the eligibility criteria to join the B.E. BOLD program?

To be eligible to participate in the program you must be:

  • Registered under the program in Australia
  • Individual Partner Representatives must be an employee of the Partner at the time of making their claim to be eligible
  • Partners will be responsible for any local taxes arising out of their participation in this incentive.

How do I join the B.E. BOLD Program?

You are invited to complete the online registration form.

How do I earn my rewards?

Earning Criteria*



Veritas product^ new licence renewal


Veritas product new licence sale registered and closed via Margin Builder


Veritas product new licence sale


Attend a webinar


Pass a webinar assessment


VSE Certification completion


Complete a customer case study (once approved)



Introductory Partner Promotion*


1st SALE

2nd SALE

3rd SALE

Earn BONUS points for your next Backup Exec sale

EXTRA 100 points

EXTRA 200 points

EXTRA 300 points


  • Sales will expire for claiming 90 days from the invoice date. So make sure you regularly login and claim your sales.
  • All claimed points will be awarded to the individual representatives account. You will be able to view your points at any time by logging in to your account.


What rewards are on offer?

B.E. BOLD is offering all members the opportunity to earn points that can be used to bid on rewards during regularly scheduled auctions. The person with the highest bid at the close of the Auction will WIN!


When do I receive my rewards?

If you are a notified Auction winner, please allow up to 28 days for delivery.


What are the products eligible for the program?

Transact all Veritas Products through Dicker Data to be eligible for points in the B.E. BOLD program.

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